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Knut bjuder in till föreläsning

Studentföreningen Knut håller fanan högt när det kommer till besökande forskare och föreläsningar. Här är en inbjudan till en spännande träff med Eva Andersson Strand redan på måndag!

KNUT Lecture: An Essential Craft – Textual Manufacturing and Economies – Eva Andersson Strand 

LUX B240 6/5 16.00

One of the great advantages of archaeology is that we through a variety of material culture, may access historical individuals and the societies they inhabited. One such archaeology is textile archaeology. Through it we can learn about prehistorical and historical socioeconomic conditions. The production and craft traditions of textiles are essential parts of understanding the past – but it is not always used to its full potential in the overall interpretation. 

That is why KNUT is immensely honoured to present Eva Andersson Strand, associate professor in prehistorical archaeology at the SAXO institute, University of Copenhagen. Eva is a textile archaeologist, and co-founder and daily leader of the Centre for Textile Research in Copenhagen. This will take place in LUXB240 May 6th at 16.00! 

Whether textile archaeology is your main interest, or your archaeological heart is beating for something else, this is an event for you! Eva will introduce the field, containing essential knowledge for all archaeologists in interpreting craft and wider socioeconomic contexts. You really don’t want to miss this lecture!

We can’t wait to see you and get to learn about everything Eva has to share! 



3 maj, 2019

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