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A PhD opening in Bergen on Iron Age Archaeology

There’s a call for applications from Bergen, a PhD position on  a project about the Iron Age usage of the environmet there. Check out the full text here! 

This is what the project is about: 

Content of the position

The Ph.D. project must study changes within the Early Iron Age society (500 BC-600 AD), based on possible changes in the use of the high mountain area in this period, as well as in which way this forms the foundation for the intensified use of the high mountains which takes place in the Late Iron Age and Medieval Period.

An important question in the project will be mapping in which way this exploitation of the high mountain resources is established and controlled. Did this intensified use of the high mountains lead to conflicts between different stakeholders as they wished to control these natural resources within a delimited area? In what way may possible east-west connections in the archaeological material be detected in this period? What social, political, and economic arrangements may have been established in this period? It will therefore be natural to analyse the use of resources in the high mountains and study possible connections with local settlements in the lowlands, and in this way put everything in a broader social, political, and economic context.

The prevailing climatic conditions in the high mountains have always been very important, both in terms of when and how these natural resources may have been utilized. Our knowledge about prehistoric climatic conditions, and the consequences they had for exploiting non-agrarian resources, is largely based on cooperation with natural sciences. Therefore, the project should have a clear interdisciplinary perspective.

The announced Ph.D. position shall result in a Ph.D. thesis about the theme, described above. In the project description, applicants may choose the methods and theoretical approaches that they will apply. It is expected that relevant material from the University Museum collection from the period is utilized into the project.

In the final assessment of the applications, both the scientific quality, as well as the basic qualifications, will be emphasised

4 juli, 2022

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