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41st Interdisciplinary Viking Symposium

For the first time Lund University are hosting The Interdisciplinary Viking Symposium. On May 28th scholars of the Viking Age from different disciplines will meet and discuss this era of change. Here’s what the organizers say: 

The 41st Interdisciplinary Viking Symposium

Lund, 28 May 2024

The events and processes that ushered in the Viking Age involved varying degrees of continuity and transformation with the world of the 7th and 8th centuries. Thresholds were crossed, but bridges were also built to connect the new with the old. Recent research in a range of academic fields has greatly expanded our understanding of these shifting worlds, but more discussion between disciplines is needed to deepen our understanding of emerging and enduring cultural phenomena. The 41st Interdisciplinary Viking Symposium will therefore be devoted to the formative transition from Late Germanic Iron Age to the Viking Age. We invite you to explore this transition through themes such as environmental and economic transformation, technological innovation, urbanisation, raiding and territorial expansion, as well as visual culture, ritual practices, and religious ideas.

It’s a free event but registration is needed before May 17th. You’ll find the programme on the page as well. 

26 april, 2024

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