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Jag fick ett mail med denna informationen vidarebefordrat till mig- jag har inte titta på exakta detaljer eller vad mer det går ut på  men ni har internet sidor, länkar, facebook och kontaktperson längst ner. Om  någon blir nygfiken och söker så vet jag att en av våra studenter jobbat med detta projekt tidigare så vill man prata med henna kan man fråga mig om emailadressen. Lycka till!

Our 2012 dig information is ready! We are very excited about this coming season. We are offering two underwater archaeology programs all summer long, a course on making an archaeological documentary of the site, and 5 land programs including a prehistoric cave. The different programs that we are offering are:

 1.  Underwater Survey and Maritime Archaeology in the Port Sanitja

                -This is a 20 day program that focuses on underwater archeological survey, Mediterranean ship building techniques and conservation.

 2. Underwater Archaeological Survey in the Port of Sanitja

                -This is a 14 day course that focuses on underwater survey. The course is designed to provide practical experience in underwater archaeological field work, from site discovery to lab analysis. Participants will gain experience in various activities such as surveying methods, site reconnaissance, recording, drawing, mapping, position fixing, photography, and laboratory processing.

 3. The Archaeological Movie

                -This course deals with filming a video documentary so that the audience can get to know more about the archaeological findings, the history of the three sites and the archaeological work carried out both on site and in the laboratory. Participants of this course will learn about the process of creating a documentary: video footage, preparing the plot, selection of scenes, sound and the different elements regarding audiovisuals.

 4. The Roman City Dig

                -Focuses on urban structures of the city of Sanisera and study of pottery found in the city.

 5. The Necropolis Dig

                -Focuses on inhumation tombs of the classical period.

 6. Sanisera: The Roman City and Necropolis Dig

                -A mix of the two. Great for those that are not sure what area of archaeology they are interested in, or for those interested in having a more general archaeological experience.   

 7. The Cave: Mediterranean Funerary Archaeology

                -Focuses on prehistoric funerary rituals. Bronze Age.                                         

8. Funerary Archaeology in the Mediterranean: Prehistoric Funerary Rituals (cave dig) and Classic Roman Necropolis

                -A mix of prehistoric and classic funerary archaeology. Great for those that are interested in physical anthropology/bioarchaeology but not sure what time period, or for those that want an experience excavating two different cultures and time periods.       

Please contact me if you would like more information on our 2012 programs.

Lana Johnson

Course Coordinator

Ecomuseum of the Cape of Cavalleria




Phone: (34) 699 69 55 80

20 december, 2011

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