Summer School announcement: Data-Driven Archaeology

Jag fick ett mail och har ingen aning om ifall kursen är bra eller dålig, intressant eller relevant men då ni alla är vuxna så kan ni ju kolla upp det själva 🙂 Här kommer mailets innehåll:

The University of Pisa is offering the Summer School “Data-Driven Archaeology”, built around a new paradigm, which takes into consideration archaeologists as both producers and users of digital archaeological data. Attendees will learn the concepts and methods of data retrieval, management, analysis and communication through an integrated use of software, statistical and practical principles. This will be accomplished through field activities connected to pottery analysis within the ArchAIDE project, and ICT-related activities carried out in laboratory and taught in the lectures.

The Summer School will take place from June 25th to July 13th 2018, at the University of Pisa, Italy. It is aimed at students, graduates, PhD candidates, and post-docs in archaeology or related to Cultural Heritage. Specific computer science or technology skills are not required. The course is open to EU (including University of Pisa students) and non-EU applicants. In case anyone might be interested in attending, please forward this message.

More information can be found on
MAPPA lab website | University of Pisa website | facebook event

Kind regards, 

Nevio Dubbini,
Gabriele Gattiglia
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