PhD studentship opportunity – Iron Age Palaeoenvironments of NW Scotland

Någon som är forskningssugen? Jag klipper i  mailet så får ni själva kolla upp detaljerna. Som vanligt 🙂

PhD Studentship: Iron Age palaeoenvironments of NW Scotland –
integrating archaeology and environmental biosciences

The Northwest coast of Scotland has a remarkably dense concentration
of Iron Age archaeological sites, many of them contain structures such
as brochs and crannogs. These were most likely used as part of
strengthened farmsteads, but little is known about the daily life in
the Iron Age and the way in which people interacted with their
environment. In this project, you will reconstruct the
palaeoenvironments using lake sediment cores collected near three key
sites in NW Scotland. The project will use a combination of fieldwork,
analysis of plant macrofossils, pollen, and biogeochemistry. You will
be based at Newcastle University and part of your training will take
place with CASE partner AOC Archaeology in Loanhead.

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