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participation in excavations in Cyprus(NSCE12)

Professor Peter M. Fischer from the University of Gothenburg has carried out two seasons of excavations in 2010 and 2011 at Hala Sultan Tekke in Cyprus. Hala Sultan Tekke is one of the largest Late Cypriote (= Late Bronze Age) cities, maybe the largest. Students and archaeologists from Sweden, Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, Jordan and Switzerland have participated in the excavations during the last two years.   

                      The pre-excavation survey with ground-penetrating radar lead to the discovery of a new city quarter dating mainly to the 13th/12th cent. BCE, nevertheless earlier remains were found too. Amazing finds were made during subsequent excavations. These include well-built architecture, bronze, ceramic and stone objects, weapons and jewellery, sophisticated pottery and tools for the production of textiles, and numerous imports. Some of the finds are unique: one is the s.c. “Creature Krater” (see head of page), others are a cylinder seal of haematite and a figurine of stone. Further information concerning objectives, results etc. see

                      It is my intention to provide the possibility for up to 20 students to participate in NSCE11 in spring 2012, viz. end of April and May. I would like to encourage also inexperienced students to apply, viz. previous field work is not a precondition.

Interested students should contact <> or <>. Please attach a CV.


Deadline: 31 December 2011.

Peter M. Fischer

Director of excavations

1 november, 2011

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