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Palaeolithich and Mesolithic conference

Any one interested?
Deadline for abstract submission is December 17th
Registration and Call for Papers is now open for an upcoming conference on the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic

Where The Wild Things Are: Recent Advances in Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Research

March 24-25th, 2012
Durham University, UK

In recent years research in the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic worldwide has been breaking boundaries, such as pushing back the earliest dates for the human occupation of Britain, the identification of a new species of hominin, cracking the Neanderthal genome and the discovery of the UK’s earliest Mesolithic house. This two-day conference aims to celebrate this trend, providing a forum where both postgraduates and other academics can present new research in a friendly environment.

The first day of the conference will consist of a general session with papers presenting a wide range of Paleolithic and Mesolithic research. The second day will take a more themed approach, featuring papers and invited discussants focused around four themes: Tools & Technology, Landscapes & Environments, Subsistence & Animals, and Ritual & Society. A focus on environmental change (climatic, social, and cultural) is particularly encouraged in all papers, though not required. Invited Discussants include Peter Rowley-Conwy (Durham University), Mark White (Durham University), Paul Pettitt (Sheffield University), and Matt Pope (Institute of Archaeology, UCL).

30 november, 2011

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