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International Conference- Cultural Mobilityin Bonze Age Europe

International Conference in Aahus University – Denmark
5-9 Juni 2012
Students can attend academic sessions freely whereas intake of refreshments and
lunches requires the payment of a fee
(please contact B. Rasmussen –

This conference will explore how European societies became linked in new ways with the introduction of bronze. Relations between local and macro-scale processes of change seem to have coincided with increased mobility in different forms and domains. An increasing exploration of spatially restricted sources of copper, tin and gold was undoubtedly central to these processes. Acrucial question is what kinds of mechanisms embedded the new material culture and enabled technologies and ideas to become widespread across Europe? The conference welcomes insights from the humanities as well as the natural sciences on mobility, movement, and the concomitant social and biological responses to these phenomena as is exemplified, for instance, by genetics and isotopic research. The conference seeks to unpick the nuances within the above social and cultural movements by debating new results in terms of the broader field of Bronze Age mobility and to identify the agenda for future scholarly inquiries.

Please submit proposals of max. 250 words for papers of 15-20 minutes’ length. All proposals should be sent by email to by 15th December 2011.

The conference is peer-reviewed
We will inform you by the end of January 2012 whether your proposal has been accepted.
Conference publication
We intend to publish the Proceedings of the Conference with the deadline for the submission of the definitive manuscripts in the winter of 2012.

The conference marks the end of the FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network Forging
Identities It is organised in co-operation with the
12th Nordic Bronze Age Symposium.

8 december, 2011

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