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Provided sufficient grants the following positions are hereby announced at the Greek-Swedish-Danish Excavations of Minoan Kydonia in the modern town of Khania, West Crete.

1 museum archaeologist for the period 5 March till 25 April
The work involves cataloguing, help with preliminary photographing of pottery and small finds, weighing of pottery etc.

4 field archaeologists for the period 1 March till 21 April
The work involves to be ”trench master”, to keep diary, draw plans and sections on site etc. In the afternoons the notes of the daily work must be entered electronically.

1 ”computer archaeologist” for the period 5 March till 21 April
The work involves placing photographs of registrated finds into digital catalogue cards (freehand) help with photographing in the museum, scannings of plans and work with general plans. Knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator is an advantage.

1 architect for the period 29 February till 31 Marts
The work involves measuring, drawing and inking of plans and sections. The work may be done by hand or by total station

The excavation pay tax-free grants that covers travel, board and lodging and a small allowance. Post-graduates shall not receive an allowance but a salary of ca. 2,000 € pr. Month. If you can cover some expenses from other means please state that in the application.

Working hours at the site and in the Museum is from 7.30-15.00 while the registration of the days work take place after the siesta. Weekends are free unless there is neglected work to catch up with.

We prefer older students and/or post-graduates. Make it clear in the application which category you apply for and if more than one, you must give priority. In the application you must state your qualifications and please give one or two references whom we may contact.

The application should be submitted no later than 19 December 2011 and be send to

Erik Hallager
Østerøgade 4
DK-8200 Århus N

The applications can also be sent electronically to Applications that are sent electronically shall be notified the next day that the application has been received.

For further information please contact Erik Hallager on telephone +45 8616 8507.

12 december, 2011

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