Conference of the International Arbeitskreis für Hausforschung

Conference of the International Arbeitskreis für Hausforschung e.V. (AHF) in Aarhus from 1 to 5 October 2013
The AHF (office in Esslingen am Neckar, Germany) hosts this year’s annual conference in cooperation with the Institute of Medieval and Renaissance Archaeology of Aarhus University. The topic „Cultural exchange between Scandinavian and Central European Countries in building methods and interiors“ will be discussed through presentations covering four sectors „urban layout and construction“, „manor houses“, „rural structures“ and „town-houses“. A day-trip will lead to manor houses and estates (such as the Rosenholm Castle and Gammel Estrup Manor). There are optional guidedtours at the beginning and end of the conference to German and Danish border towns: through the planned-city Friedrichstadt, built by remonstrants in 1621 and the medieval town Ribe in southwest Jutland.
Additional information included the program can be found here: from July 2013
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