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Arbetsseminarium i sommar bland hällristningarna i Tanum, Bohuslän

En spännande och intensiv vecka  där deltagarna är med och dokumenterar ny hällristningar varvat med intressanta föredrag. SÖK!!!

Tanum RockArt Museum / The Scandinavian Society for Prehistoric Art in co-operation with the University of Gothenburg

arranges its annual international Working Seminar on Saturday, July 21 to Saturday, July 28.

The Working Seminar focuses on documentation of the rock carvings in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tanum .

Field work is emphasized during the week and the participants from 7-10 countries have the opportunity to make documentations

of complete panels of rock carvings which will be registered by the Swedish National Heritage Board and Swedish Rock Art Research Archives.

Morning lectures will be held starting with introductory information for a general audience and continuing with more advanced lectures

given by well-regarded rock-carving archaeologists.

The Working Seminar will be held at Tanums Hällristningsmuseum in the beautiful parish of Tanum in Bohuslän/Sweden.

Further information –

For further information about the program and registration please contact me.

The Seminar is very popular and I recommend to answer a s a p.

26 april, 2018

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