Gräva i September?

Vill du ut och gräva i Frankrike i September? Det finns plater som volontär att söka. Se info nedan:

The Hérault province has hundreds of Neolithic megalithic tombs. They are distributed mainly in the mountainous areas between 200 and 2500 m above sea level. The dolmen of Isserts is located in the Salagou geological basin. It’s a passage tomb built with Permian sandstone, a local rock. The internal space of the monument has been excavated in the 1950’s. These initial investigations have revealed several phases of use, from Late Neolithic to Late Bronze Age. In 2012 and 2013, new excavations were conducted in the peripheral areas of the megalithic chamber in order to identify and characterize the structure of the mound. The last campaign, conducted in April, has illustrated a dynamic architecture with a long and complex use, demonstrating different phases of construction. This september’s complementary campaign will allow to identify more precisely the architectural evolution of the tomb and locate possible extraction of materials areas.


Operation manager: Noisette Bec Drelon, PhD University of Aix‐Marseille I‐MMSH/LAMPEA‐UMR7269

Accommodation and food will be provided by the project, only the journey is the responsibility of each volunteer. Minimum required participation is of two weeks.”

Om du är intresserad skall du skicka in ditt CV till:


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